Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Area 51

                                                                      AREA 51

Imagine you have been abducted by aliens, you have been caught in a tractor beam while you were sleeping.  You are heading for the mother ship while still unconscious, when you finally regain consciousness you are on the floor of the interrogation chamber of the mother ship, you look up only to see bright white lights and strange looking creatures staring down at you from above.  What would you do in this situation?  Some people believe that area 51, a U.S. Airforce base 83 off the to the southern side of Las Vegas NV, is full of aliens and alien machinery.  There are loads of old folktales and urban legends about area 51 and aliens within the borders of the base.

                                                               AREA 51 THEORIES

1. Some people believe that this base holds alien machinery.

2. There are rumors that the employees at area 51 are working on creating aircraft out of alien technology.

3. What if they are interrogating/questioning alien spacecraft crash victims?

4. Are they creating alien weaponry behind the secretive walls of the station?

5. Are they working on ways to control the weather?

6. What if they are working on time travel?

7. Another popular theory is that they are working on silent propulsion systems designed from crashed alien      spacecraft. Like from the Aurora Aircraft. RESEARCH AURORA AIRCRAFT.

8. People thought that the Majestic 12 (MJ-12) was in on area 51. (Area 51 is a group of scientists formed together to recover and research the UFO crash North of Roswell NM)

9. Was the Apollo Moon landing a hoax? People think that the Apollo moon landing was filmed in area 51.

10. Some people think that area 51 was just a successful misdirection attempt. (starting projects and then secretly moving them to other bases and keeping the secure field of secrecy around the base to make people think that area 51 was the base with the aliens, when really they are in another base.)

11. Some people believe that there are near 40 levels of underground buildings.


1. In 1989, Bob Lazar supposedly worked at a base at Papoose Lake (he referred to it as  S-4) on a U.S flying saucer.

2. The 1996 documentary "Dreamland" (Director: Bruce Burgess.) included an interview with a 71 year old mechanical engineer, who claimed to be a worker at area 51 in the 1950's.  He said he worked on a "flying disk simulator" made to train pilots.  The plans were constructed from a fallen alien spacecraft. He said he had worked with an alien that went by the name of "J-Rod", a telepathic translator.

3. Dan Burish, (Dan Crane) said he worked on cloning alien viruses in area 51 With "J-Rod".

4. In July of 1996 a man who's name was "Victor" said he had a VHS (or video tape) of an alien interrogation made in area 51.  He said he made a copy of the tape and smuggled it out.  The tape shows an alien head in a dark room, he appears to be using telepathy to communicate.  The tape was included in the video documentary "Area 51: The Alien Interview".

5. Area 51 may have gotten it's name from switching around area 15.  Area 15 is in the Nevada Test Site (NTS), which is divided into 30 squares.  Area 15 is in the 15th square.  The NTS is West of area 51, the nearest town is Rachel  NV. 25 miles North.

                                                                     AREA 51 FACTS

1. The only way you will see are 51 is to climb Tikaboo Peak, 26 miles away.

2. There are no windows in the buildings, keeping people from seeing things the Government might not want them to see.

3. The workers who are at area 51 must agree to an oath of secrecy.

4. When doing a test flight for a new aircraft, all unauthorized personnel have to leave until the aircraft returns, and goes into it's hangar.

5. For personnel to get to area 51 they have to fly on unmarked planes out of the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas near the Luxor Hotel and Casino.  EG&G owns the terminal.  Every plane uses the keyword "Janet" for a call sign to the tower.

6. The U.S.A.F took over area 51 in 1970

7. 90% of UFO sightings are fake, 50% of them are recon flights.

8. The A-12 OXCART was kept at area 51 at one point in time.

9. The A-12 OXCART fuel had to be specially made .for such great speeds and  velocities.

10. The A-12 OXCART fuel will not ignite even if you throw a lighter into a tank of it.

11. The A-12 OXCART was not put in any official speed contests.

12. The A-12 OXCART was 90% titanium.

13. The A-12 OXCART was the first titanium plane.

14. The A-12 OXCART was used when the USS Pueblo was captured by North Korea, it was used as a recon plane to target enemy ships.

15.  The A-12 OXCART's engines were like vacuums, the staff had to clean the runway before each takeoff, or else the plane would suck up all the debris on the runway.

16. There is a 440 square mile area of restricted airspace around are 51.

17. Area 51 is used for testing new technology and systems critical to the force of the U.S army.

                                                                       What are your theories?

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